by sudoroso

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413steve Excellent fusion of shoegaze and emo, great songwriting. Checked it out on a whim on reddit, and I was immediately floored by how incredible this album is. Favorite track: Amazon Village Mall.
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released June 21, 2017

Adam: drums
Guillermo: vox | guitar
Neil: vox | guitar
Nick: bass

Recorded/Mixed by Chaimes Parker at Big Nice Studio.
Mastered by Sean Fahey.



all rights reserved


sudoroso Jersey City, New Jersey

a groupchat first,
a band second


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Track Name: Amazon Village Mall
I had a good friend with green hair who moved to Alaska
his stepdad was a pilot I met at his mom's house
he said it's so scary rescuing strangers

we got tattoos a couple years later
we thought this skin lasted forever

In the meantime
I bought a machete,
stole a box of cough drops,
walked out to the golf course
tired and sweaty

I get what your brother was trying not to say:
nothing is how it's supposed to be but you're happy
Track Name: Choke Valve
memories I can't fake
the garage is full of banter
& empty cars remind me of my heart
breaking and entering
it's cocaine or anxiety
but something's gonna keep me up

deep fried & carsick,
years in the midwest,
every road just meets another road
but no one ever leaves

last call in basements
a Michigan waitress
every stage just holds me for a while
outside inside inside outside
it's a lover or a banister
but something's gonna keep me up

versions of myself
you wrote in your novels
that no one ever wins

versions of myself
lupine hearts rusted
Track Name: Detour
new mother, snow moon
Garrett knows
how far cities are
canyons at night

Garrett is a truck driver
too young for tattoos

for a birthday,
new letters, no room
Garrett knows
how far cities are
black-hole polite
Track Name: A Trail
gated nights
the pool was closing
& like deer we cut
through the yards
yelling "their future is not ours!
their stories are not laws! anarchy!"
well it's funny now,
is it funny now
that I know mom and dad
stayed up all night cleaning
the backseat of the car

now I know about the wounded man
now I know about rescue
yet with each new day what's left
to say but "good morning?"
can't you tell I'm trying to make sense
of the map of sweat I found on this mattress?
Track Name: Fox Chase
most days I ignore the future,
but I could give you a couple
exceptions to that rule
like 6pm I get a text from my mom
it just says "Happy new year,"
or when we thought Nick went missing
but he rolled up on his bike
& now he's getting married,
but you opened an envelope
of photos you'd seen before,
before they meant what they mean now

thanksgiving, you brought me home,
it wasn't mine & it couldn't be yours,
I'd never been but I could tell it hadn't changed

your high school friends slept on the floor
on years of mail that went ignored,
how do you know when it hurts enough?
Track Name: Hurries
ain't it sad that some things happen & others don't?
we get lost when we go back to your hometown,
but there's a bathroom with a map of where you've gone
I could take you anywhere,
but I simply forgot

who cares if time is wasted
figuring out if we're wasting time?

we could move to the next biggest city
when we get bored of tapping our thumbs for the same people
go online & get a job. who could care?
I could take you anywhere
to distract us from ourselves

ain't it pretty? it's still a theater, the seats studded with our gum
we grew up here,
not that you could tell
all these fences & we would jump them
how the hell did we become them?

ain't it pretty? it's still a theater, the seats studded with our gum
we grew up here,
not that you could tell
hurricanes & friends neglected,
I miss what places meant